Manually Get/Set Configuration
Sometimes it is useful to manually get or set the device's configuration. Each of the SyncPro modules has two internal, commented out signals to do just that.
To trigger them in toolbox debugger, make sure that "Include module signals" is checked (in toolbox debugger --> Debugging Settings menu --> Include module signals).
This will make the internal modules signals visible in the "All Program Signals" tree (debugger's left panel). Internal modules signals are easy to find, as they all start with "::".
To manually get the device's configuration from the cloud, pulse the digital signal called ":://Device_Get_Config:S-x.y", where x.y is the signal number of the module in your SIMPL program. For example - ":://Device_Get_Config:S-2.3".
To update the server on the local device configuration, pulse the digital signal called ":://Device_Set_Config:S-x.y".
Last modified 1yr ago
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