SyncPro's Crestron Modules
Connect custom programmed Crestron devices to the cloud
The SyncPro Crestron modules are a set of custom programmed SIMPL, S+ and S# modules that are designed to help system integrators connect devices through a Crestron control systems to the SyncPro cloud for management and monitoring.
The Crestron modules uses the SyncPro Integrators API, that is available for every SyncPro partner. Therefore, if a new, custom device is needed, that is not currently available in the SyncPro modules, it can be easily added using custom code. Configuring Custom devices from the cloud, is also possible, using Custom Devices.
The modules and the demo program were designed for SIMPL windows, so that each system integrator can modify, change and add devices to their systems as they like.
Last modified 1yr ago
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