Crestron based edge server
Crestron based EDGEPRO can run on any 3-series control system. The edge will auto-scan all Crestron's Ethernet and Cresnet devices that are connected to the control system as well as DM endpoints for DMPSs and auto-register them to SyncPro's CloudOS for management and monitoring.

Claim an EdgePro

Once loaded to a control system, go to the CloudOS portal--> Configuration and select the space in which you would like to add the edge server. Browse to the devices tab, and click "Add device". Select "SyncPro" for the vendor and "EdgePro" for the model. Type in the control system's Mac address and serial number (both will be printed to the control system's log for your convenience).
Claim your edge server

Discover All

The "Discover All" feature can be enabled from the web portal. Once enabled, the edge will scan all Crestron Ethernet devices on the same LAN, and register all of them with the cloud service.
Enable "Discover All" from the edge configuraiton


EdgePro (3-23-2021) - Production.zip
EdgePro (March-23-2021)
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